Welcome to Certigen Laboratory, LLC.

 We are excited to have you as a client.  In order to make the transition easier, we have provided the following forms to be submitted.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you any questions or concerns.

Results are directly delivered to your EMR by complying with meaningful Use guidelines. Access results via Schuynet, Certigen Laboratory’s internet-based lab results portal.
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Billing Collections Process
We will appropriately bill the patient’s insurer, based on the information provided by the provider’s office. If the patient has no insurance coverage then the patient will be billed directly.
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Supply Order Form
Please download the supply form to fax or email back to us.  You may also submit supply orders electronically under the resources tab/order supplies.  Certigen will provide specimen transport cups, biohazard bags, requisitions and shipping supplies.
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Client Protocol
It is our process and policy to follow exactly the specified testing protocol by the ordering provider for all patient samples sent to lab. These orders, or protocols, are understood to be both medically necessary and reasonable.
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Why Toxicology
Integrating Urine Toxicology has a number of benefits, including the following: improve patient care, risk management, enhance trust and relationships with patients, diagnose misuse or relapse, and adherence & compliance to treatment plan.
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Patient Letter
As your physicians may have informed you, they have a responsibility to protect his or her patients and the public from the risk of abuse and diversion of controlled prescription medications.
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Account Application
Upon completion of the new client form a HIPAA, Business Associate Agreement will be provided.
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Certigen Flyer

Our downloadable flyer explains medication monitoring and why urine specimens are collected.


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Requisition Form
In order to maintain compliance we require the requisition to be filled out entirely.  Please provide the following information with every requisition-

(1) Copy of patient demographics (2) Copy of the patient insurance information,which must include insurance providers address (3) Copy of initial screening results (or mark correct results on requisition)

Duplicate supply requisition forms will be provided to our clients at their request.

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