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Billing for Certigen Laboratories is handled by Harlow Medical Billing.  All services provided by Certigen Lab are billed as out of network services. Questions regarding your bill and/or explanation of benefits can be directed by email or phone.

Billing/Collection Process & Policy

We understand that compliance monitoring of patients’ prescription and illicit drug use is extremely important and sensitive in its nature since these results can have a significant impact on a person’s life. This awareness of how our lab plays a critical role in patient care drives our team to continually work closely with clinicians and patients to make sure we receive and then send back the most accurate and relevant infonnation available, and that every step of the testing process is carried out professionally and purposefully. This high-quality and patient centric effort carries forward to our billing and collection process.

It is our process and policy to follow exactly the specified testing protocol by the ordering provider for all patient samples sent to lab. These orders, or protocols, are understood to be both medically necessary and reasonable.

SARS-Cov-2 test | $125

We will appropriately bill the patient’s insurer, based on the infonnation provided by the provider’s office. If the patient has no insurance coverage then the patient will be billed directly. Claims include the codes that reflect the specific tests performed, and are represented on the lab report. This set of charges typically includes Immunoassay screening, depending on the provider’s orders, and Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spec (LC/MS) confinnations of corresponding drug classes being analyzed.

We will make a reasonable attempt to collect patient balances and expect payments to be made when possible. That said, it is our promise to the provider and patient that we will be sensitive to any monetary constraints and do not wish to cause undue financial burdens.
We request that the providers and their staff direct patients to our billing company for any questions or concerns about any financial responsibility resulting from UDS done at the lab.
We ask that providers and their staff do not make promises on our behalf, but reassure patients that Certigen Laboratory’s policy is to work with them on a personal level and take into consideration their situation.


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